Photography: Rosellina Garbo

Leoš Janáček - Jenufa - Teatro Massimo di Palermo - November 2016

"Ángeles Blancas, armed with a vigorous vocal capacity, showcased great flexibility on the most extreme phrases along a magnetic presence on the stage making of her Kostelnička an absolute reference"

L´Ape Musicale - Giuseppe Guggino

"Ángeles Blancas reaches the highest plains in this role [...] An artist with opulent and exuberant vocal skills, capable of displaying a broad range of expressivity"

Conessi a l´opera - Giuseppe Montemagno

Ángeles Blancas was the absolute star of the evening: [...] her dramatic talent is rooted in her accurate gestures and her rich vocalism full of expressive power"

Giuseppe di Salvo

"Immaculate interpretation by Ángeles Blancas [...]: her rich timbre expresses with magnificence Kostelnička´s authority and her vocal flexibility enhances the transition between declamation and singing, with a dramatic touch that really moves the audience"

GBOpera - Elisabetta Ragusa

"Cold and beautiful like a neo-realism film character, Ángeles Blancas offers vocal bravery and an absolute implication in the desperate search of happiness that Kostelnička seeks for her step-daughter"

Il Manifesto

Leoš Janáček - Věc Makropulos - La Fenice di Venezia - April 2013 

Spanish soprano Ángeles Blancas Gulín sang Emilia Marty wonderfully with the necessary command, particularly for the way that the diva role was played in this production, her death on the stage, alone under the spotlight, making the work all the more poignant.

Opera Journal -  Keris Nine

Homage to Richard Strauss - Festival de Perelada - August 2014

"Blancas managed the acoustic deficiencies with composure, deploying her potent vocal resources: her art combines technical command and voice control with a unique dramatic instinct capable of providing strength to every word, to every aspect, in both fields -lyric song and opera (her recent role of Strauss´ Salomé in Mérida was absolutely astonishing) with enormous charisma and musical accuracy. Her interpretation was also impressive in the last piece of the program, a selection of the extensive String quartet No.4 with voice based on Rainier Maria Rilke´s poems by French composer Philippe Fénelon, who´ll premiere his opera Flaubert & Voltaire next week at the Perelada festival. Blancas explored the palette of colors and accents of tense vocal writing that transits from austere lyricism to dramatic anguish."Javier Pérez Senz - El País - August 6th 2014

LIFE Victoria Festival, Barcelona - Brahms, Mahler and Vaughan Williams recital - December 2013

"The new lied festival LIFE Victoria, promoted by the Victoria de los Ángeles Foundation and directed by Enric Martínez-Castignani closed its first edition with a colossal recital by soprano Ángeles Blancas and pianist Giovanni Auletta. It was so extraordinaire that it can be considered the best lieder concert of this season in Barcelona. The election of the venue, Santa Ágata´s Chapel, a place of architectonic beauty and great acoustics had only one inconvenient: due to the conservation of its altarpiece no heating can be used and both the artists and the audience were literally freezing cold; in fact, Blancas was wearing two sweaters and a scarf, nevertheless it seemed miraculous how quickly she warmed up her voice despite the temperature.

The program opened up with eight Lieder by Johannes Brahms, a poetic flight with intensity on the accents to recreate Brahms´ poetic atmosphere, emphasizing the longing and resignation for the memory of the beloved that characterizes his songs.

But where Blancas restated her astonishing personality was when she made hers the splendid Lieder eines fabrenden Gesellen interpreting them with an overwhelming dramatic prominence: the sense of color and the strength of the words enhanced by Giovani Auletta´s mahlerian sense, providing a unique intensity, especially in those verses that express bitterness, pain and longing of death. Only a great artist can dare to address this cycle without distorting its essence, bringing it to her vocal terrain with such convincing results. The fact that such an artist isn´t playing every season in the Liceu roles that fit her extraordinaire quality is something I cannot understand.

Another sensational interpretation of fired up lyricism and boundless expressivity was the cycle Songs of Travel by Ralph Vaughan Williams, closing an unforgettable evening that had began with a short warm-up performance by two young talents: soprano Viviana Rojas with a luminous and colorful voice and pianist Marc Serra interpreting pieces by Schubert, Strauss and Jaime León with a great sense of taste and musicality."

Javier Pérez Senz - Scherzo Magazine - January 2014